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Breeding and Raising Blacks, Reds, Paints, Traditional, Spotted & Dappled Boer Goats

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We are Sheila, Clarence, Caitlin & Ethan Cullum. We live in Airville, PA also known as Sunnyburn.  We got our first goats in 2006. Both Children are in Red Lion FFA. Both children have SAE's (Market & breeding) with their goats. Caitlin Has held an office every year she has been able too in FFA.

Congrats to Caitlin as she has achieved another of the goals she has been working toward: she is will be Red Lions FFA President for her senior year!

Our goats are fed a medicated grain. Kids are kept on this feed all the time until they are a year old. The older does are fed when they need it. The bucks are on it year round to keep weight on for breeding and shows. The Sr. buck are usually not fed a lot during the spring summer months when grass is in well; just enough to help keep weight on for breeding.

We strive to keep our animals healthy. We bring in animals that are CL Free. We worm as needed buy checking eyes and running fecals when needed.  Our goats are given CD& T's . Our Vet "Muddy Creek Vet" I have known 27 years. They are always sending people to our place for goats because of the quality and health of our goats.

We have ABGA & USBGA Goats !

3 are USBGA ONLY but their kids can be registered at 50% ABGA, through our bucks. 

All goats 1 year or older able to be registered with ABGA are in. I am working on getting the ones that still need to go into USBGA getting everyone in both that can be in both. I hope to get everyone in before summers is out with both ABGA & USBGA.

Please check out the Doe & buck info  page for that info.